{Tutorial} Fabric Flower

Hi Friends :) !! I’ve have been making these flowers for a little while… the other day while hanging out with my sister she asked me to make her some {I did} and took pictures. So
today I’m sharing with you How to make a super easy Fabric Flower Tutorial

Cardstock {Piece of paper}
Needle and Thread
plastic cup
Scissors & Pen 

1. Grab your cardstock & cup and trace a circle around it. Then, using your cut up cardstock trace 6 circles on your fabric. The size of the cup will
determine the size of your flowers( for smaller Flowers you could use Lids,or
anything else you have that is round).

2. To Start your petals grab one circle and fold it in Half like so: 

3. Then Once again, and it should look like this:

4.Start threading your needle thru the fabric (It doesn’t have to be

5. After you are done with your first petal using the same thread, follow the same steps
{1-4} for your next petals.

6.It should look like this once you are done:
7. Then, it is time to layer a couple of your flowers {I like to use different colors} and get creative! You can add a button to the middle or anything else you can think of!
When you are done, hot glue a piece of felt to the back of your flower and my friends the possibilities are endless!!!
Enjoy :)