Easter Weekend…

How was your weekend? My was pretty good! very relaxing, which was much needed after these crazy busy work weeks/months… I just love going home to my moms, I feel so spoiled every time. Her cooking gets us every time! I feel like I gain 10 pounds when im there… All we do is EAT – Seriously! This weekend was special in many ways, my moms birthday is tomorrow but since we were all going to be working we decided to surprise her with some balloons and fun gifts.

My grandpa is in the Hospital, and has been in and out for the past year… It has been hard on all of us. With him living so far away from us and having the internet and phone calls to hear news on him. The What if? question has been in all of our minds. Neither hubby or Trouble boy have met him before. It is a little sad that we don’t have money to just hop on a plane and go to Brazil,  But, we know that he is a strong man! It is crazy to see how much energy he has and how he always gets better. Until now, things are starting to get serious. Today I was able to hear his sweet voice on the phone! It made my heart melt! He talked about how proud he was of me and how cute trouble boy was and to give him lots of kisses from “BISAVO” { Great Grandpa} aw I didnt want to hang up! He was about to go into a very risky cirgury and in his age it is pretty scary. I pray that things will work out and that everything will be alright. So VOVO if you could read this I want you to know that I love you very much and I miss you everyday! And that Hopefully Hubby,Trouble boy and I will be making a trip to Brazil very soon to see your beautiful blue eyes!

Besides that we got to eat some yummy food! Hang out and and get this: I got to sleep in! {What?} I know right? It was a wonderful weekend and I’m sad that is over… Here is to a great week!

I have to post this picture below, I just cant help it! He was a little upset because we took his “Baba” away for pictures!  I just love this face:

Good Night :) !