2013 Bucket List {Printables}

This would not be my blog if I didn’t have a new post of a “2013 Bucket List” on here. Hubby and I were very excited that we completed all but 3 items off of 2012 Summer/winter Bucket List. This year we decided to change it up a bit.

We are still adding to our Family one but for now here is what we have:



If you noticed I have started a Eternal Bucket List, It was because of my awesome Mother in law that gave us this super thoughtful gift for Christmas:

Then, I got to thinking… If we are doing it why not make a printable for all of my LDS friends so that they can do it too!

Then, I was thinking that it was about time for me to create some fun printables! and that is what I did.

Have you started your bucket list for this year yet? Here are some blank printables to help you out:






PS: If you have any requests for blank bucket lists just let me know!

Have a great day!

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Welcome 2013!

Hello lovelies,

Can you believe that 2013 is here?

Last year went by so fast… But,  I do have to admit that I’m sure glad it is over! To many things crazy things happened, more towards the end. Life was stressful, I hit many road blocks, the world was spinning my friends. I was depressed {even though I didn’t want to believe it}

As you know,I took a VERY long break. I had many plans and goals for my blog last year.. But unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. I hope that you can forgive me for the lack of posts and not being here as much as I would have hoped.

For right now lets not focus on the past and move on, as they say: New year, New Life right?


Being pregnant  this time around has sure been different! I remember when I was pregnant with Logan I had so much energy! Like I had 2 jobs and went to school at the same time while pregnant type of  energy. Oh yeah and blogged everyday I might add…

So what has changed? well, besides the fact that I have a very active little boy and work 8 hours a day? and come home to make dinner and play and hang out with him? I’m older too I guess? lol

I seriously think that all my mom friends that have more than 1 kid are supermoms! It amazes me!

Wow! This post is all over the place! I guess It has been a while since I sat down and wrote something…

I’m working on a couple of posts to sum up what happened last year! I hope to post those soon…

And to post all of my new ones for this year! So stay tuned, I have lots and lots of fun things planned :)


{Giveaway} Disney on Ice presents 100 Years of Magic

Oh My Word! Last year my mom & dad decided to give us the best Christmas present yet… Disney on Ice tickets! That was one of the funnest nights every… So many memories! I cried and cried! {please tell me that I’m not the only one? Tangled just had such a sweet scene where they picked a little girl from the audience to help them lift the lanterns}

As soon as I heard that Disney on Ice was celebrating 100 Years of Magic I may have squealed a little! That is how Excited I was/Am about going to see this awesome show again :)

We are huge Disney fans in our Family! I’m counting the days until Logan is old enough to enjoy Disneyland so we can take him… For now he adores Disney on Ice {Like sat and watched the whole show without blinking} too cute!

Here are the Details: 

When- November 14-18th, 2012
Where- Energy Solutions Arena {SLC,UT}

Show Dates and Times

  • Wednesday and Thursday November 14th and 15th: 7:00pm
  • Friday November 16th: 3:30pm and 7:00pm
  • Saturday November 17th: 11:00am, 3:00pm, and 7:00pm
  • Sunday November 18th: 1:30pm and 5:30pm

Ticket Pricing:

  • Select opening night tickets available for $12 (not for premium seats)
  • Tickets start at $16 and go up from there ($23, $37 for VIP, and $50 for front row seats)
  • All seats are reserved and can be purchased at Smith Tix online and at their in person locations,EnergySolutions Box Office, and by phone at 801 355-SEAT or 800 888-TIXX.

      Utah Disney on Ice Discount Code:    


***Can only be used on $16 and $23 price level for the following shows:

  • Thursday November 15th: 7:00pm
  • Friday November 16th: 3:30pm
  • Saturday November 17th: 11:00am
  • Sunday November 18th: 1:30pm and 5:30pm

Are you excited yet? well you should! today Is your lucky day! I’m giving away a set of 4 tickets to one lucky winner of the Utah Show!!!

To enter just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter for below:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*** Disclosure: Disney provided my family and with tickets attend 100 Years of Magic and offer this giveaway to my lovely readers.

Fall Bucket List

I’m sure you have seen this printable on Pinterest… It is kind of funny how things happen sometimes! I was just about to create a Fall bucket List and remembered that there was one out there that was already made and it was super cute… If you have seen the original blog or post that created this please let me know as I would love to give them credit :)

Here it is:

Do you have a Fall Bucket List? It is time to start one!

Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event {US only – $154.00}

It is that time again :) For one of my all time favorite giveaway events! The Fall Fashionista is a “Fashion-Only” Giveaway hop… Read bellow to find out what you get to win here: 

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One winner gets to win all! Fill out the Rafflecopter bellow to win:

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Louis Vuitton giveaway

Getting back into Scrapbooking…

I’ve been scrapbooking since high school… I remember when my mom used to have parties and all her friends would come over to talk, eat, and scrapbook! I was hooked! I loved hanging out with them on friday nights and bulding memories :)

Almost 10 years later I still have the same passion for scrapbooking but, how do I find the time? I find myself so tired now days!

I’m adding this to my Bucket List in hopes to get me to complete it:

124. Scrapbooking - Work on a new Layout every week!

My plan is that I will eventually get back to what I used to do, I kid you not I have 5 albums of just hubby and I :) ! This was before my chubby boy was born… {I have yet to start his album}


 Here are a couple of super old Layots that I have scanned in this computer:


Guess what? I’m going to have a booth at the Scrapbook Expo! I’m super excited about that! I’m going to show case a few make & takes that are super cute… also there are going to be some super fun giveaways, so if you are in the area you should totally come by and say hi :)

There is a coupon code for the Expo for $5.00 off a one day regular admission or $9.00 off a two day admission. The coupon code is scrap4me and can be used at www.scrapbookusaexpo.com. (The code is good today and tomorrow only)




See you there!! Have a great night!

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When life gave us Lemons… {Summary of whats been happening}

As I sit on the couch tonight, taking a little “break” from running around the house with my crazy energetic almost 2 year old, I start to think of how LIFE has been and what a roller coaster it has been… My Friends, my little family was handed lots and lots LEMONS and we are slowly making LEMONADE! what a crazy roller coaster the past 2 months have been… I will try to explain SOME of it below:

Our Summer went great, very fast… Lots of family trips, BBQs, bike rides, LAKES, Family Time, Food & more FOOD! {Photos of that soon}…

Besides that, it has been work, work and WORK everyday! My back used to hurt  most days… For those of you that didn’t know, I worked in a warehouse and was on my feet all day for 8 hours. It is alot of work! I truly respect anyone that works in a warehouse environment! I actually got an new position in the company, That I absolutely LOVE btw! I’m working in the Steals Boutique. I’m the  first person you see when you come in… I grab your orders that are ready for pick up and I help you with anything else that you might need! It is definitely more up my alley and I truly enjoy it very much :) Did you know that they have a Facebook page? well you should come like it!

The Jeep:

Every morning I hear hubby lock the doors then go right back to sleep, not this morning… He didn’t lock it, he actually walked out and right back in. All I could hear was his steps up the stairs into our room:

Him: Babe, the JEEP is gone!

Me: What do you mean gone? did we park it somewhere else?

Him: I don’t know, I just walked outside and it is not there! {Insert panic here}

Me: Oh no! thats not good! We need to call the COPS?

Him: I’m going to be late for work, will you call them and tell them what happened? Then, he left with my car…

I called the cops, they said that someone would be here soon…45 or so minutes latter someone knocks on my door and it is this super nice cop that couldn’t believe that someone actually stole a jeep out of all the other cars that were in the parking lot. {Yeah me neighter}. He also said that the chance of finding would be one in 5 , “If it was a Honda he would have it back in a couple of hours” After filing a police report it was time to call the insurance. And what a PAIN that was and is!! Ugh… They have been nothing but frustrating with us and I promise to share a post on that by itself! I don’t want to share anything until I get all the facts and our money back.

A week Later… {Insert some more blurry momments}

I’m sitting at work going about my day when I get a phone call from an 801 number that I wasn’t familiar with, I usually don’t pick up and wait until I get a voice mail… Not that day! I will admit that it was a bit of a BLUR:

Police: Is this Karina?

Me: Yes it is

Police: We found your jeep!

Me: What? Are you serious?

Before I could keep going he told me that if I didn’t show up there within 20 mins it would be totaled to their impound lot… Hmm yeah I’m on my way officer, before I left he told me to call a tow truck.

and that is when it HIT ME… What you do you mean the car isn’t drivable?

Also, if you know me you know that I’m HORRIBLE with directions like, for REALS! Lets just say that after 5 calls from the cops and 30 mins latter I made it there…

As I get out of my car and start to walk towards of what it looks like out JEEP, I trow my hands over my head and start to sweat..

It didn’t look like the Jeep I saw 1 week ago… Everything was GONE, they took everything that they could take their hands on! Unbelivable. Here is a little list:

  • Gass Tank
  • Traded our tires and Rims
  • Windshield
  • Hitch
  • Grill
  • All of our property & Documents that was in there
  • And much more that I cant think of the top of my head…

COP: Are you sure you guys didn’t do this?

Me{More like my mind}: Did you seriously just say that? you fool? Why would anyone in their right mind do this to their on vehicle? really? Who do you think we are? ugh…

Long story short, it is now almost 3 weeks later and we are still dealing with our insurance as they claim that there was suspicious activites in there and that they need to investigate further… ugh {So this will continue my friends}

Thats when we made LEMONADE

Why focus on the negative in life when the positive is so much better?

We are happy that we weren’t in it when it happened, Happy that we are not as stressed about it as we thought that we would be.

Happy that we still get to wake up to our Chubby little man and having him squeeze us to death

Happy that we both still have JOBS and that we both have ways to get there {we have a rental right now}

This gave us a bigger push that we needed for our house searching journey…

Happy that we get to go to bed every night knowing that we did a little better each day, and that we are reaching our goals…

Happy to be here in this moment… and that even though things haven’t quite gone our way

we can go to be knowing that there always TOMORROW

Part 2 coming soon!

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How Did I get active this SUMMER?

Well my friends, I cant believe that Summer is almost over! Not only did it go by too fast it also makes me a little sad to think that winter is almost here…

In our family we have been keeping busy for sure…  I’ll soon write about everything we have done, and things that we were able to cross of on our Summer Bucket list but,  for now here are some of the Hightlights of our SUMMER:

1. We enjoyed lots and lots of LAKE time! Our Little boy is so fearless , He would just run right up to the water with a huge smile on his face! It was adorable! I’m sure he will miss being at the lake almost every weekend ;) .

2. Demolition Derby! Who would have thought that our super active and Hyper little boy would sit still to watch Loud Cars getting SMASHED? LOL he is our Little Red Neck.

3.The ZOO, we went to the Zoo and Chubby boy had a blast! He Loves the monkeys!

4. We rid our bikes a lot! Fun times!

We did many more things this SUMMER , I promise to share it all very soon :) !!

 Intermountain LIVE has a photo contest going on right now, all you have to do is submit a photo of how you got active this summer!

Simply go to the Intermountain LiVE Contest page, submit a photo, get votes and you could win a Go Pro Camera or a gift card to Dicks!  How awesome is that?

So Head over to their Facebook page, Right now my friends!!!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Lets talk Hair Shall We?

Some of you may not know that I have natural Curly hair, Let me start by saying that I dislike it very much {I’m using this word loosely as I do have some good curly hair days} … I wish I was able to manage it a little better like my mom and other Curly hair friends. But the truth is: It Takes a lot of WORK! To get it to look perfect! So most days I have Straight hair.

Below are some of my different hair styles, I cut it short. I grow it out. I leave curly. I blow dry.  I straighten it  and sometimes use the curly iron to curl my straight hair…

{I’m adding this to my Bucket List : #122: TAKE BETTER CARE OF MY HAIR}

But my friends, I have had MANY hair Disasters! I tried to find a photo of it but I couldn’t… So just picture this:

- LONG curly hair turned into super SHORT pixie cut that eventually formed an AFRO {What was going on?It was all because of a piece of GUM. All I remember was my mom cutting it, everything else is a blur}

I cried for months and months… It was a sad time in my life! I was only 12 or 13 I think? So it was the awkward going into-teenager-age.

Lets talk Hair Products shall we?

I have tried lots and lots of hair products in my life… And always have a hard time finding a good one that works with my changing style.

But I do love all of my Pantene Products and I have used their Curly shampoos and the ones that make your hair SHINY. I also love the Smell don’t you?

Did you know that 60 percent of US women blow-dry their hair 2-3 times a week

 1? That’s more than 100 times a year! Blow drying hair is a common beauty ritual most women do every week, especially for a night out with friends, a special work event or date, or just because they love the look and feel of a fresh blowout.

It is no secret that blow-drying can damage your hair, but did you know…

  • The amount of heat in 100 blow-drys is equivalent to the amount of heat needed to melt eight pounds of ice!
  • The amount of energy used to blow-dry your hair 100 times is enough to run a plasma TV.

Say what? Crazy right?

Knowing that, does your relationship with your hair need a little damage control? The NEW Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip and Daily Moisture Renewal No Crunch Curls Whip are designed to provide benefits of both a styler and a treatment in a lightweight, whipped form.

I Cannot wait to try NEW Pantene Pro-V Silky Moisture Whip and Daily Moisture Renewal No Crunch Curls Whip! I’ll be letting know how I feel about it soon :) !

Have a wonderful day…

Disclosure: I’m sharing my embarrassing hair Disaster story for a chance to win a trip sponsored by P&G. All opinions are my own.

Lessons from an old old friend…

This old friend of my. I have never actually met him in person but, in his music I have felt  his words and have taken it by heart.

Let me back track a little bit, I’m a shy person… I dislike confrontations, sometimes when life gets hard and I cant get my feeling out I listen to music… I gather my thoughts and things are CLEAR. That’s when his music comes to place and in one way or another it  has helped me in life…

Who is he you might ask? You may know of him… Some of you will probably think I’m weird or something after finding this out… But here are some of the things he has said:

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live! 

None but ourselves can free our minds

Just can’t live that negative way… make way for the positive day! 

And my all time favorite:


I’m sure you guessed who my “Friend” was right? Bob Marley. Do you have someone in music that when you are having a bad day or just needs some inspiration you listen to?

*** This past month has been so crazy busy, lots and lots of things happened and I wish that I took the time to sit down and listen to his music for a little bit. It sure would have helped me! I guess the month isn’t over yet right?